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Testing & Verification

Verification and Validation phase runs anywhere between 25% to 40% of the total agile / software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function. Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollars of revenues for the companies. Critical skips at earlier stages of testing might lead to complete or partial failure of the project. Unbudgeted rework cost might end the project a failure. ​ With reduced schedules on software development lifecycles due to constant pressure for faster release, Testing practices have become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of quality and customer buy in.
Perisseia’s dedicated Testing Services business unit has a comprehensive solution portfolio comprising of Business models like Testing as Managed Services (Verification and Validation) which assures measurable business outcomes through improved quality processes innovations in Specialized Testing practices comprising of Automation, Performance Testing & SOA Testing etc.
Perisseia’s innovative solutions like Cloud environment end to end tests, services on lab-on-schedule model, Virtualization in Testing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Independent Verification and Validation Services with clear focus on entire Testing Life Cycle Management , state of the art next Generation Testing IPs and frameworks.
​ Perisseia’s verification and validation Services focus on deployment readiness for sapplications/products to ensure the client has a strategic advantage in the market by producing Functional Assurance, Better Quality & Enhanced Performance in addition to recurring higher cost savings on the testing efforts. From Risk-based Testing to Cloud Testing, IV&V and Business Assurance, Perisseia provides Testing Services that live up to technologies breaking into the new markets.